Frequently asked questions


Yes, of course!

There are benches at the -1 level next to Albert Heijn and Gall & Gall. In addition, if a stall is temporarily empty, there may be benches present. This varies from day to day.








Unfortunately, there are no safes available in Markthal.







At the moment there are no gift vouchers available that can be redeemed at all (or a large part of) entrepreneurs in Markthal. It is possible that entrepreneurs themselves have a gift voucher available for their own company.







No, just like an outdoor market or shopping mall, Markthal is free for everyone.








 Yes, but they must be kept on a leash, and are the responsibility of the person controlling them.








 Yes, wheelchairs are available. If required, please report to the office of the Management/Security above unit 124.






Yes, there is an accessible toilet for on level -1. For more information, please see the commercial site of Vendor Washrooms.










Yes, the lifts which serve levels -4 to 1 are accessible by wheelchair, so the market floor is easily accessible
from the car park. Also from streetlevel you can enter Markthal with a wheelchair and use the elevators. These lifts also provide access to the various floors of the ‘Tijdtrap’ exhibition.








Visitors in wheelchairs can easily access the Markthal floor by means of the revolving doors or middle sliding doors. Through the parking garage they can reach the exhibition floor by elevator. Many catering establishments with an upper floor are accessible for visitors in wheelchairs from their balconies. The lift takes you to the 1st floor. Here you will also find the toilets. Unfortunately, the terraces on the stalls are not accessible because they only have a staircase available.










 Markthal is right next to Blaak railway station. It can also be reached by tram, metro and bus.








 There is a large sunken bicycle shed between Blaak station and Markthal.







The following applies in Rotterdam:

You do not have to pay to use the general parking spaces for disabled people if you place your valid parking card for disabled people clearly visible behind the windscreen.
You cannot use the parking card for disabled people at regular parking places where paid parking applies. You owe parking fees here, even when the general parking space for disabled people is occupied. This also applies to vehicles for disabled people.
Interparking only offers regular paid parking places for everyone. We do try to create enough places that allow visitors in possession of an invalid card to park comfortably (Spacious places, close to the entrance and exit).
For more information about parking in Rotterdam, see:









Follow the signs to the parking garage Interparking Markthal and take the Ds exit. Jan Scharpstraat from the Blaak. The parking garage is easily accessible from both directions. The headroom is a maximum of 2.05 meters. The address is Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 306.









Parking garage under Markthal

The parking garage under the Markthal is managed by the company Interparking. For all information about this car park, such as rates, entry height, number of charging points, etc., we refer you to the Interparking website:
The parking spaces around the Markthal are managed by the municipality. This is therefore subject to the conditions laid down by the municipality of Rotterdam.
Check the website of the municipality for further information:








 Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ ROTTERDAM