Anyone who loves good food will find what they are looking for in the Markthal. Here you will find ingredients and food from all over the world. And that for current prices. Taste the authentic taste of home or go on a culinary journey of discovery. There is still a world to discover. We are happy to welcome you!

Where to find us:


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298
3011 GZ Rotterdam



The nearly 1,200-place garage is open 24 hours and 7 days a week and equipped with various facilities such as (disabled) toilets, generous lifts, disabled places and escalators that take you directly from the parking garage to the heart of Markthal. The garage has state-of-the-art techniques such as a parking guidance system, license plate recognition and of course also charging points for electric vehicles. It is also possible to pay with your bank card, Visa and MasterCard at the entrance and exit. Booking in advance is possible and is possible at special rates.
(Link to Interparking website)


Follow the Markthal parking garage signs and take the Dominee Jan Scharpstraat from the Blaak. The parking garage is easily accessible from both directions. The headroom is a maximum of 2.05 meters. The address is Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 306.

Pedestrian entrance via 24-hour entrance Grotemarkt.

The parking garage is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The garage also remains accessible to pedestrians via the 24-hour entrance and exit when the Markthal closes. This entrance is located in the middle of the long side of Markthal on the Grotemarkt.


For more information about the parking tariff, facilities and services of Parking garage Markthal you can visit the website of parking operator Interparking.


You can park your bicycle for free in the public bicycle parking facility of the Municipality of Rotterdam next to Rotterdam Blaak station.


Rotterdam Blaak Railway Station is right next to Markthal, a 1-minute walk away. Check the website for the current timetable. 

BUS 32/47
Bus 32 towards Overschie and Station Zuid & Bus 47 towards Noordereiland and Station Blaak stop at the Blaak.

Tram line 21/24
Tram 21 towards Woudhoek and De Esch / Tram 24 towards Holy and De Esch stop at the Blaak.

(Check if the bus and tram data are still up to date)


Blaak metro station is right next to Markthal. Subway lines A / B / C stop here.

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Baby care room
Vendor Washrooms has a baby care room. Vendor Washrooms is located at -1, accessible by elevator or escalator in the middle of the hall.


You can use Vendor Washrooms in Markthal. Vendor Washrooms is located at -1, accessible by elevator or escalator in the middle of the hall.

Found objects
Lost & found items can be brought / picked up at security, in the Management / Security office.


AED (Automatic External Defibrilator)

AEDs are available at various locations in the hall.

First aid kit

The first aid kit is located in the Management / Security office, which can be found via the entrance on the long side next to Andalus Fish.

Dry cleaning
Albert Heijn has a dry cleaning service.

ATM machines

The ATMs in the Markthal are only accessible during opening times of Markthal and the ATM of Albert Heijn during the applicable opening times.


1 wheelchair is available on request. You can report to the Management / Security office.

Disabled access

Markthal is easily accessible and accessible for the disabled.


It is not permitted:

• to take (moped) bicycles or (moped) bicycles with you;
• roller skating, rollerblading, rollerblading, etc .;
• cause nuisance or nuisance and train together;
• hang around or sit in elevators, stairwells, escalators or railings;
• cause noise pollution;
• use alcoholic beverages or drugs;
• take dogs separately;

without a license or permission from management:
• to survey;
• to collect;
• paste or distribute printed matter;
• play music;
• sell goods;
• take video recordings for commercial purposes.

If our residence rules are violated, action will be taken by the police, supervisors or security service. An official report is then possible.
Cameras are available for your and our safety.


De Tijdtrap Exhibition 

De Tijdtrap is a permanent exhibition of archaeological finds in the stairwell and parking garages of the Markthal. All objects were found during the excavation prior to the construction of Markthal and together tell the story of this place.

If you now walk through the center of Rotterdam you can hardly imagine what the city looked like in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, meters below street level there are still many remains of buildings and finds from that time.
Use an escalator to literally move through time and experience the history of Rotterdam in images and original objects. De Tijdtrap is accessible daily and you descend 15 meters down the stairwell of the parking garage. Each floor represents an earlier period in the history of the city and brings you closer to the origins of Rotterdam.

De Tijdtrap is accessible every day for free in the parking garage level -2, -3 and -4.



A tour lasts approximately 60 minutes and is given on request. For more information you can contact De Tijdtrap,



A visit to Rotterdam is of course no longer complete without seeing, smelling, tasting or feeling Markthal. Markthal is a publicly accessible building, but with a tour of De Rotterdam Tours you have really been there!
Since its opening in October 2014, De Rotterdam Tours has been offering Markthal's partner tours in the newest icon of Rotterdam. During our tours, the guide tells you everything about the realization of the building, the historic location of the hall, the architecture, the construction, the design and much more! You get a special look behind the scenes, for example in the underground logistics (cooling) center.

For more information and bookings, complete the form below or visit the De Rotterdam Tours website Rotterdamtours