Anyone who loves good food will find what they are looking for in the Markthal. Here you will find ingredients and food from all over the world. And that for current prices. Taste the authentic flavours of home or go on a culinary journey of discovery. There is still a world to discover. We are happy to welcome you!




Baby care room
Loovio has a baby care room. Loovio is located at -1, accessible by elevator or escalator in the middle of the hall.


You can visit Loovio in Markthal. Vendor Washrooms is located at -1, accessible by elevator or escalator in the middle of the hall.

Found objects

Lost & found items can be brought / picked up at security, in the Management / Security office.


AED (Automatic External Defibrilator)

AEDs are available at various locations in Markthal.

First aid kit

The first aid kit is located in the Management / Security office, which can be found via the entrance on the long side next to Andalus Fish.

Dry cleaning

Albert Heijn has a dry cleaning service.

ATM machines

The ATMs in the Markthal are only accessible during opening times of Markthal and the ATM of Albert Heijn during the applicable opening times. You can find an ATM Rabobank in the phlint nearbij entrance Blaak and you can find an ATM (In2Retail) on the marketfloor nearbij the escalators to level -1. 


1 wheelchair is available on request. You can report to the Management / Security office.

Disabled access

Markthal is easily accessible and accessible for the disabled. Please ask Security

Kiddie rides

Your child can enjoy the fun 'play equipment' at various places in the Markthal. 

Photo booth 

In Markthal you will find the photobooth on -1 for instant photos.


By entry of this building you agree upon the terms & conditions that apply.

It is not permitted:

• To cause (noise) nuisance, to gather together or to beg;
• To smoke (including e-cigarette) in the shopping center;
• Use and/or trade alcoholic beverages (without a fixed seat at one of the the catering establishments).
• Consumption of alcohol under the age of 18 is prohibited;
• Use and/or trade drugs;
• Hang out, sit in elevators, stairwells, escalators on balustrades or against storefronts;
• To bring a (moped) bicycle or a (moped)/(electric) bicycle;
• To roller skate, skate, rollerblade or use segways, hooverboards, steps, e-bikes, etc.;
• Do activities that can lead to damage and/or danger to persons or property;
• Carry with you prepared bags and/or bags intended to commit theft;
• Bringing dogs off a leash.

Without a license or permission from management:
• to survey;
• to collect;
• paste or distribute printed matter;
• play music;
• sell goods;
• take video recordings for commercial purposes.

If our residence rules are violated, action will be taken by the police, supervisors or security service. An official report is then possible.
Cameras are available for your and our safety.

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Where to find us:


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298
3011 GZ Rotterdam