Will you visit our terrace?

Will you visit our terrace?


As per today, the 28th of April, the outdoor terraces are re-opened! 


After a long wait we can enjoy ourselves with a visit on the terrace. Our entrepreneurs have been very busy with all the preparations and can't wait to see you again! Have you already planned a visit to the terrace and have you decide yet which one? We provide you with an overview to be of service and hope to see you soon!


👉The outdoor terraces are open from 6 AM to 8 PM. There are some conditons to take into account when you visit a terrace. You can find them below. In case of bad weather there's a possibilty the terrace needs to close. A reservation in advance is possible, but not mandatory. You can make a reservation at the door. 


Our outdoor terraces


Oki One 


Oki One buiten  Oki One bowl


BasQ Kitchen


BasQ Happy Hour


Elliniko - The All Day Greek 






Sumo buitenterras



All conditions you need to take into account


The Dutch governement states the following:


  • The opening hours are from 6 AM to 8 PM at the latest. 
  • You can visit the terrace with 2 persons unless you are 1 household. Please keer 1.5 meter distance at all time!
  • There's a maximum of 50 visitors allowed per terrace. 
  • In case of plastic shields in between the tables, it is allowd to sit from each other within the 1.5 meter distance.
  • A health check and a request to register is mandatory. 
  • The visitors will stay seated as much as possible. 
  • Self-service is not possible. 
  • Visitors can enter the restaurants only in case of payment, a visit to the toilet or wardrobe. It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside. 
  • Pay cashless as much as possible. 
  • There will be no entertainment or events on the terrace. 
  • All main rules apply. 



We are looking forward having you!


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