We are open!

We are open!


The Markthal is open and we look forward to welcoming you! The horeca currently has to close its doors due to corona measures from the government, but there is still a possibility for take away at many shops. As per the 15th of December 2020 all non-essential shops are closed until at least the 9th of February 2021 acoording to the Dutch governement guidelines. Supermarkets, drugstores and suppliers of food can remain open. This means that you can visit Markthal for your groceries and tak-away food from your favorite shops. 

Would you rather stay at home? Even then there is plenty of choice, because many entrepreneurs also deliver to your home. Below you will find an overview of the shops that are open. Due to the constantly changing situation, the list may differ from reality. We update the list daily to provide you with the latest information. If there is a question, you can contact us via the contact form.

Please also pay attention to the prohibition on the sale and delivery of alcohol after 8 p.m. In addition, it is required to wear a face mask in public covered areas by Dutch guidelines. Would you like to know more about the measures we have taken in Markthal? Then click here.


Shops who are open:

Albert Heijn
Andalus Fish 
Bab Tuma
BasQ Kitchen
Big Jo's 
55 Bombay Street 
Bram Ladage 
Cheese & More
Cigköftem Rotterdam 
Dragon Breath
The Chocolate Company
Cromwijk Kaasdok
De IJssalon
De Snoepkont
The Duck Truck
Eat Kip
Family nuts 
Groente & Fruitparadijs 
Het Kroket Loket 
Let's Wok 
Loovio (toiletten)
Madame Cocos
Marrakech Spices
Monsieur Saucisson
Nata Mania
Pho Asian Noodle Bar
Royal Fish
De Snoepkont
The Manti
Saté Lounge
Wah Nam Hong
YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar


Closed shops:


21 Pinchos 

Café 1453

Die Bierstube


Heavely Smoothies

Hot dog City

Kookwinkel Habitas

Obba's Foodbar



Check out all delivery options here.

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