What to do?

What to do?

#StayHome. This applies for the Netherlands - for the entire world - we all stay home. Each of us is coping with their lifestyle in which social distancing plays a key role. You are missing the joy and happiness of everyday life. Enjoying a glass of wine with your friends, visiting relatives and going out in the city transformed from real-life to digital life. Thankfully there are all kind of technologies to connect digital with each other. For example Skype, Zoom, Houseparty are apps increased in use due to the coronavirus. You meet with colleagues for the Friday Afternoon Drinks, celebrate the birthday of your friend and viedocall with your grandparents. Despite these helpful solutions we seek to break the pattern of boredom. We give you a helping hand. In this articel we share 5 quarantine tips with you. 


Een virtual dinnerdate

You have recently planned a date and unfortunately it has to been cancelled because of the coronavirus. All food and drink establishments (Horeca) is closed. We need to keep distance from one another: 1.5 meter and the main message to everybody is stay home. That date you've planned will be postponed until further notice. This does not mean tou actually have to postpone the date for months. You can still meet virtually. It's not how we are used to this, but it offers some opportunities. Less nerves, no discussion on who is going to pay for dinner and no kissing allowed. Tips? Set a time for a videocall and prepare together in advance a meal. An easy and romantic dish - also funny -  is spaghetti a la Lady Vagabond, you know it from the movie;) Place your laptop on the dinnertable and eat together while sipping your glass of wine or sparkling water. Prefer not to date or you're already partnered up? You can do this with your friends and improve your cooking skills at once. Would it go well with everybody? Rather not give it a chance to fail, then order food from your favorite restaurant in Markthal at home. 


From scratch

Calling all quarantine cooking kings and queens...

Challenge yourself. Prepare a dish from scratch. Often peoplew wanna try to make their own pasta, but there is just not enough time. Work, kids, sports we are all very busy. But now quarantine time is giving us time to do take more time for things. You can stay at home at stay in the kitchen all day practicing your cookings skills. Try to create your favorite Markthal dish. You can find these online at your shops website or send them a DM to ask for the recipe. They will appreciate your effort and interest a lot! 



Do it yourself smoothies. Probably something most of you already did or still do. A smoothie is healthy, quickly prepared, suitable for on the go and comes in a wide range of combinations. Even popular and trending on Instagram is the smoothie bowl. Simply a smoothie in a bowl with fresh fruit and seeds on top. Wanna do real healthy? Use frozen fruit, soy milk, protein whey powder and chia and hemp seeds as a topping. Ideal for after working out as well. We are in LOVE with the unicorn smoothie. Albert Heijn shares de tutorial. Click here. 

What do you need? 

  • A blender (a.o. for sale at Habitas online)
  • Smoothie jars (often comes with the package of a blender)
  • Ingredients by own choice (superfoods, frozen or fresh fruits, vegetables such as spinach)

Check for more insp here of here. 


unicorn 2


Surprise the neighbours!

Quarantine life, we are all living this dream. You will probably see more of your neighbours these times, cause everybody hangs out in their garden or on their balcony. You know what they say. Better to have a good neihbour then a distant friend. We all should spread a little extra love nowadays. What better to give your neighbours some flowers. Order a fancy flower bouqet at Naturals or order 50 tulips for only 10 EURO via Naturals and support the local poducer. You could also bake a cake or simply cheers with some beer from Gall & Gall., at safe distance of course. 



Start a blog

Always dreamed of being a blogger? Now is the time. People are now sharing more time then ever online. Create content means creating followers. You don't need to be really good at something as long as you do it with love. Start a foodblog. Share your experiences, best practices and failures. Create a checklist, make some nice pictures before the process, during and the result. Don't focus to much on the result however. It's all about the process, sharing and inspiring. 

Do you have some nice quarantine tips? Share them with us via info@markthal.nl or go to our Facebook/Instagram page below. 



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