Most famous spot of Rotterdam!

Most famous spot of Rotterdam!

It is one of the most photographed places in Rotterdam: the ceiling of Markthal. Anyone walking through the hall at any time of the day will see dozens of visitors, with their smartphones or cameras pointing up, taking the most beautiful photos. Instagram is full of the colourful photos. But what exactly is there to see?


Two soccer fields large

The Markthal was designed by MVRDV as a place where living, shopping, working, eating and parking come together under one roof. This ultimately formed a large grey hall, which the designer felt was lacking in something: a unique experience. There was no less than 11,000 m² of inner facade, that's two football pitches!

That's why MVRDV engaged artist Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. They made the work of art, entitled Hoorn des Overvloeds. This refers to the Cornucopia from Greek mythology that symbolises abundance. On the artwork you see large fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and insects. If you look closely, you can see the St. Lauren's Church with its famous tower in the background. The clouds are actually large cauliflowers.

Pixar Studios
In order to be able to edit the file for this enormous work of art, servers were used that are also used for the films of Pixar Studios. The total image could never be opened, on any computer, it is far too large for that. In the end, the digital animation was divided into blocks and printed on 4,000 steel panels.

Instagram is full of photos of the unique work. "Love these colorful vibes," says @Rottergrammert. "Brilliant," says @Pure_and_simple_is_beautiful about it. Instagrammable is the ceiling anyway. The Horn of Plenty is called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam, or 'the largest work of art in the world'. Whether the latter is true, we are not sure, but it is certainly a work of art to be proud of!

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