Love wins!

Love wins!



The glass facade of Markthal will be transformed into a Wall of Love and Support 💚


The nurses and doctors become celebrities in these times of social distancing. They are honoured throughout the world. They are fighting the cornavirus COVID-19 every day while risking their own lives. To all these heroes, we would like to pay our tribute, send them our love and support. That's why we, in collaboration with YourMindBodyandSoul, are calling you to join us. To let the heroes on the frontlines know we are thankfull and share our love. 

By joining our tribute, you also get a position in the spotlight: a picture of you on the glass facade of Markthal. Spread the love through your picture and together we will make a wall of love and support. Buy yur picture for €5,- and receive 5 postcards (Markthal postcard) as well. You can use these postcards to pass on your handwritten message to a person of your chosing. Somebody special that you would like to thank. Send one postcard back to us with a special message for a hero. You might not know him/her, but we will make sure they receive your thank you. Untill the 12th of June all postcards are attached on the 'Wall of Thanks' in Markthal en afterwards we will bring them pesonally to the heroes. This way they will be supported with our love and gratitude. 


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What to do? 


1. Buy your picture on the Markthal facade until 29 MAY 2020* here: gofundme. One picture costs 5 EUR. 
2. Following visit to fill in your contacts on the form and upload your picture. Please note the picture is a selfie on which you will display a hart and make sure your contact comply with the ones from the donation.
3. You will receive 5 postcards delivered at your adress filled in the form. You can send the postcards to the heroes of your chosing and ive them your support and love. 
4. Please send your message by returning one postcard to us in order to thank the heroes on the frontlines. This message will be attached on our 'Wall of Thanks' until June the 12th 2020. Afterwards we will make sure the heroes in the hospitals and nurseries reveive your card. 
5. Joining is possible untill June the 12th. 

*We have space for 128 pictures. After selling out the pictures it will remain possible to send in a postcard until June the 12th. 

 Please check our all general terms and conditions here.


Adress Markthal for the return of a postcard:

Markthal Rotterdam
Att. Marketing
Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298
3311 GZ Rotterdam


All donations are meant for the funding of this nice gesture. The donation of 5 EUR is a purchase for the production and placement of the pictures on the facade. Other donations are possible via


We are looking forward to receive your pictures and warm thank you's. 


For any questions please contact



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