Santa's Rotterdam Ride

Santa's Rotterdam Ride


Because we can't welcome everyone at the same time at the best time of the year, Rotterdam came up with this unique Virtual Reality corona proof experience. Wearing Virtual Reality glasses, you will experience a magical Christmas ride through Rotterdam together with Santa Claus and his reindeer. Take a good look around you during the ride and enjoy the view! 🖤


The Virtual Reality experience can only be revived with VR glasses. These will be distributed in cardboard versions in the city center on every Saturday. Even without VR glasses, the 360-degree video is a unique experience that you don't want to miss. Watch the video online via the YouTube app or Chrome web browser (supporting 360 degree videos) at


Don't forget to take a good look around you during the 360 ​​degrees video. For the best experience, set the video to the highest quality before watching.


How does the video work with VR glasses:


• Scan the QR code on the VR glasses (or open the YouTube link).
• Open the video in the YouTube app.
• Set the quality for watching the movie at the highest level.
• Click on the VR glasses at the bottom right, so that two screens appear.
• Put your phone in the front of the cardboard glasses (make sure your phone is securely attached).
• Press play and fold the glasses.
• Look around you during this video for the ultimate VR experience.


The film can be viewed throughout December, up to and including Sunday, January 3, 2021.


Enjoy the Ride!


This VR experience is offered by the entrepreneurs and real estate owners of the Rotterdam City Center as well as by the Municipality of Rotterdam; under the direction of the Urban Department Store Rotterdam.

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