BBQ season has arrived!

BBQ season has arrived!

The weather has warmed, spring is in the air.  Barbecue season has arrived! Delicious saté, well-filled salads and tasty sauces, can you taste it already? With the following tips you can get well prepared behind the coals.


Calling all meat lovers


From bacon steaks to satés and from sausages to steaks; you've come to the right place in Markthal. For starters, there is of course the famous Saté Lounge.They have been perfecting the recipe for the tastiest chicken skewers for years now. And that we notice! Fortunately for us, we can order vacuum-packed skewers from them, with the famous saté sauce included! Albert Heijn is the place to go for qualitative bacon, burgers and other fingerfood. Don't you forget to inlcude the garlic sauce in your order?


Neither meat nor fish


For the vegetarians among us there are all kinds of meat substitutes for the grill, such as vegetarian hamburgers, nuggets and vegetable burgers. Looking for some variation other then standard supermarket BBQ selection? Take a look at Wah Nam Hong and throw an Asian BBQ. Here they have all kinds of Asian spices and food to make your barbecue more exciting. What do you think of a dish in Malaysian or Oriental style? Finally, the Spices of Marrakech web shop has been opened where you can order all kinds of herbs to finish of your dish. This way you give a nice twist to the classic barbecue.


Just as important...


Something that is very important for many .. snacks on the side, for example bread, salads and fruit. Don't you think we often eat bread with spread as starters before we even get to eat a piece of meat of our plate. Fortunately, you can go to various entrepreneurs in Markthal to ensure that you are not short of anything here. Groente- en Fruit Paradijs offers the best fruit salads and vegetable skewers. At Ekmekci you get the best fresh bread for the table. Then at least you have something nice to eat if your hubbie leaves the bacon on the grill just a little too long. 😉


To finish it off


For the "finishing touch" you buy some refreshment at Gall & Gall, because nothing is better to sit in the evening sun with a cold beer or a nice glass of Chardonay. At Gall & Gall they know exactly which wines and beers go with which dish. This way you never miss out and you always have the right drink at home.


Light up the barbecue, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the beautiful moments! After all, we live in the Netherlands so before you know it we will be back inside.

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