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The Pickles company in Markthal is a cosy burger restaurant and wine bar, all in one. Everywhere in the world you can eat a hamburger, but in few places they served with a good glass of wine. That’s why this is brought together at Pickles. Pickles believes in artisanal preparations, honest products and beautiful flavors. Here you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere together with the best culinary burgers and the finest wines. All meat at Pickles is organic and comes from the organic butcher Gerrit Takke in Utrecht. Besides the versatile meat selection, they also serve two vegetarian burgers and a fish burger.

We prefer to make as much as possible ourselves, with the best ingredients available

Pickles was founded in 2013 by Niels van Nieuwenhuizen & Joris visser. You can find them in the drieharingstraat, the restaurant street in the Centre of Utrecht and also with us in Markthal Rotterdam. With now for branches and spectacular food truck, the gastroburers have also become a household name in the rest of the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the philosophy has not changed. You can’t make a reservation, because there is always a spot available. And if not, you can also have a niche meal at the bar! All this makes an evening at Pickles in Markthal an experience in itself.


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